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gustavo mesch gustavo at soc.haifa.ac.il
Thu Oct 1 00:12:18 EDT 2009

I am writing to authors that have submitted or are in the process of submitting a manuscript for the special issue

of ICs based on manuscripts presented at the ASA 2009 meetings. For the ones that have already submitted

through manuscript central and did not follow the instructions attached that specify

6. Under "Manuscript Type," select "Special Issue Paper," fill in other required fields, and click on

"save & continue"

Please send me an email with the manuscript number. If you did not mark "special issue paper" the manuscript did not

arrived to the editors of the special issue and we do not have access to it as we do not know the number.

For the ones submitting until october 3rd, please follow carefully the instructions below.

Otherwise your manuscript will not be allocated to the editors of the special issue but to the editors of the journal and will

not be considered for the special issue.

Please keep in mind this information when submitting your manuscript.

Gustavo Mesch

Call For Papers

iCS/CITASA Special Issue of Papers from 2009 ASA Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

For the third time, the journal Information, Communication and Society (ICS) (Routledge) will publish an

annual special issue in cooperation with the ASA section on Communication and Information Technologies

(CITASA). The special issue will be comprised of papers presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the

American Sociological Association in San Francisco. Gustavo S. Mesch (University of Haifa) and Shanyang

Zhao (Temple University) will be the editors.

Please submit manuscripts not longer than 6,000 words and according to the submission guidelines of the

journal that can be found at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/journal.asp?issn=1369-118X&linktype=44

Papers should be submitted through http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rics ( follow instructions below). After

your submission send an email informing of your submission to the editors:

Gustavo S. Mesch (gustavo at soc.haifa.ac.il) Shanyang Zhao (bzhao001 at temple.edu)

Deadlines: Full papers are due by October 3, 2009 (This is an absolutely firm deadline. Early submissions are

encouraged!); refereeing will be complete by December 31, 2009; final accepted papers will be due to the

editors by February 3, 2009; and the anticipated ICS publication date is June 2010.

We hope to hear from you.

Gustavo and Shanyang

Specific Instructions for How to Submit Papers for the iCs/CITASA Special Issue:

1. Go to: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rics

2. Enter your account. If no account, follow the instructions to create one and then log in.

3. After logged in, click on the "Main Menu" link in the upper left corner

4. Click on "Author Centre"

5. Under "Author Resources," choose "click here to submit a new manuscript"

6. Under "Manuscript Type," select "Special Issue Paper," fill in other required fields, and click on

"save & continue"

You are now ready to submit your paper in "four steps":

Step 1: Provide "title & abstract" information

Step 2: Provide "keywords" information

Step 3: Provide "authors & institutions" information

Step 4: Provide "details & comments" information

Under "manuscript information," check "Yes" to the question of "Is this manuscript a candidate for a

special issue or a series?" In the ensuing box, type in "CITASA Special Issue"

Finish the submission.
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