[CITASA] CSCW 2010 workshop: Revisiting Research Ethics in the Facebook Era

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Wed Oct 7 09:12:33 EDT 2009

CSCW 2010 workshop CfP

Revisiting Research Ethics in the Facebook Era: Challenges in Emerging
CSCW Research

Amy Bruckman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Robert E. Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University
Erika Shehan Poole, Georgia Institute of Technology
John C. Thomas, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Sarita Yardi, Georgia Institute of Technology

New research paradigms in CSCW come with unforeseen ethical challenges.
This workshop will focus on methodological challenges in doing Internet
research, with a focus on:
•    data collection and analysis
•    differing ethical norms in various research communities studying
the Web
•    unanticipated consequences of new kinds of online research
•    pedagogical approaches and issues in teaching online research ethics

The morning session will consist of case study presentations and
discussion. The afternoon session will be a mock debate format, where
participants separate into teams and argue whether or not they think the
research can be conducted ethically and workshop organizers act as an
ethics review board. In constructing their arguments, participants will
be encouraged to brainstorm topics like possible unanticipated effects
of the research, handling real outcomes (e.g. if something goes wrong),
alternative methods and approaches for carrying out the research
ethically, and policy and best practice implications. The afternoon
debates should be challenging but fun.

Instead of traditional position papers, participants should submit a
case study (can be more than one) of up to four pages describing an
ethical issue that they find particularly tricky or controversial with
pro and con arguments for both sides, as well as a brief cover letter
describing their research interests and background in this topic.
Submissions should be formatted in standard ACM SIGHI format and
submitted in either Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word document format
(.doc or .docx) to cscwethics at gmail.com by November 20, 2009.

Submission deadline Nov 20, 2009
Notification Dec 16, 2009
CSCW 2010 Feb 6-10, 2010


School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
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