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Liz nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com
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My only thought is to have a separate blog for each discussion section...I assume with 400 students you will have discussion sections but maybe that's not a good assumption in these penny-pinching days. Then the TAs could be responsible for guiding students & curating their content.

I am a big surprised to see Google Ads on your course blog. Google Ads are notorious for just paying pennies and it does add an element of commercialization to your educational offering. Are you including them intentionally or was the blog set up by another person? Just curious if it's part of the pedagogy for the course.

Liz Pullen
nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com

From: Howard Welser <welser at ohio.edu>
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Subject: [CITASA] using blogs with your courses

Does anyone here have experience using blogs with students?  

Currently I am using a simple blogspot blog with my seminar class, and I feel it is working well, but many things can work ok on a small scale that fail horribly as they grow.  

However. . . . . . I will have 400 students in Intro to Soc winter quarter-- and will need to modify my strategies to adapt to the larger context.  

any advice and pointers are appreciated.   


Howard T. Welser
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Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Ohio University
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