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Wed Oct 21 14:52:11 EDT 2009

I am using google groups for the five three-person teams who are 
designing and conducting a survey in my intro to research methods 
course. Each team creates a group. I had the team leader add me on as a 
member of the group. I only check in when asked questions and 
double-check once every two days or so that everyone on a team is 
participating (participation reflects 5% of their assignment grade). It 
seems to be working swimmingly. Since this is the first time I have 
done this (and the students know that it's the first time), I will ask 
for an evaluation from the students at the end of their project. But, 
thus, the informal feedback as been very favorable.

Alice Robbin

Quoting Liz <nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com>:

> My only thought is to have a separate blog for each discussion
> section...I assume with 400 students you will have discussion
> sections but maybe that's not a good assumption in these
> penny-pinching days. Then the TAs could be responsible for guiding
> students & curating their content.
> I am a big surprised to see Google Ads on your course blog. Google
> Ads are notorious for just paying pennies and it does add an element
> of commercialization to your educational offering. Are you including
> them intentionally or was the blog set up by another person? Just
> curious if it's part of the pedagogy for the course.
> Liz Pullen
> nwjerseyliz at yahoo.com
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> Subject: [CITASA] using blogs with your courses
> Does anyone here have experience using blogs with students?
> Currently I am using a simple blogspot blog with my seminar class,
> and I feel it is working well, but many things can work ok on a small
> scale that fail horribly as they grow.
> http://group-processes-social-change.blogspot.com/
> However. . . . . . I will have 400 students in Intro to Soc winter
> quarter-- and will need to modify my strategies to adapt to the
> larger context.
> any advice and pointers are appreciated.
> ted
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