[CITASA] blogging in the large class

Robert Rosenwein rer6 at Lehigh.EDU
Wed Oct 21 15:59:22 EDT 2009

Dear Ted,

Re your puzzlement about using blogs with a class of 400: I think it 
would first depend upon how much support you have, say in the form of 
Teaching Assistants.  If you break your group into groups of 10, that's 
40 groups or groups of 20 which is 20 groups.  With four TAs monitoring 
5 blogging groups in the latter case (or less if you include yourself), 
then you could create assignments that might be manageable.  I've 
frequently used blogs in larger classes (although not that large) and 
with TA help, it seems to work out fairly well.  In my experience, 
students  enjoy blogging; it seems to empower them to create something 
that is an expression of who they are (there must be research on this 
topic but I don't know it).  But if it is just you and those 400--I'll 
have to think about that some more.

Good luck,

Robert Rosenwein
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Lehigh University
681 Taylor St.
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3169
610 758-3815
rer6 at lehigh.edu

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