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Subject: CFP: SSHA Conference
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 11:09:42 -0600
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I am hoping to distribute this CFP to members of the section, perhaps  
over the list serv and also on the "announcements" page of our web  
page. I would appreciate your help with this.
Thank you,
Jennifer Lena

35th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association
Chicago, Illinois, 18-21 November, 2010
Submission deadline: 15 February, 2010
Power and Politics

Dear Colleagues,

	We invite you to take part in the Culture panels of the 54th annual  
meeting of the Social Science History Association, November 18-21,  
2010 in Chicago.  For more information on the meeting as well as the  
call for proposals, please refer to the SSHA website: www.ssha.org.  
The deadline for paper and/or panel submissions is February 15, 2010.

	The members of the Social Science History Association share a common  
interest in interdisciplinary and systematic approaches to historical  
research, and many of us find the SSHA one of the most stimulating  
conferences that we attend. The thematic topic of the 2010 annual  
meeting is “Power and Politics” – a theme that works very well with  
the research interests of many of the scholars involved in the Culture  
network and should be relevant to CITSA scholars as well. The 2009  
program included culture panels on the following topics: agency in  
culture; the sociology of cities; play and games; epidemics in the  
media; questions of citizenship in troubled states; ritual, dreams and  
agency; the politics of memory; love and marriage in migration;  
cultural organizations and fields; constructing commonwealths in the  
16th century; amateurs, experts and the production of knowledge; and  
many others.

	While we welcome panels and papers on any topic of interest to  
scholars of Culture and History, we are particularly soliciting papers  
on the following themes, drawn from member suggestions:

•    The "Chicago Schools" and Regimes of Power
•    Culture and Colonization
•    The Culture of Intimacy
•    Hegemony and Mass Media
•    Popular Culture and Popular Social Theory
•    Culture in the Marketplace
•    Struggles over Classification

	I expect many CITSA scholars are working within these thematic areas,  
and we would particularly like to encourage you to submit papers.  
Members of this section might be interested to know that we are  
planning an Author Meets Critics session for Chandra Mukerji's new  
book, "Impossible Engineering." I hope this will encourage more  
scholars of communications and technology to join us in Chicago.

	The Culture network will be able to host at least six panels in 2010  
and will also be able to place additional papers through co- 
sponsorship with other networks (for example, with History/Methods,  
Race, Urban, Politics, Macro-Historical change, State-Society,  
Historical Geography).
	SSHA requests that submissions be made by means of its web conference  
management system. Paper title, brief abstract, and contact  
information should be submitted on the site www.ssha.org, where the  
general SSHA 2010 call for papers is also available.  (If you haven’t  
used the system previously you will need to create an account, which  
is a very simple process.)  Here is the direct link for submissions:
. The online system is now accepting submissions. If you have any  
questions, please contact any of the Culture co-chairs (Jennifer Lena,  
Fred Wherry, Leah Gordon).

NOTE: There is an SSHA rule concerning book sessions.  For a book  
session to proceed, the author (or at least one of multiple authors)  
MUST be present.  Proposals for book sessions should only be submitted  
if there is high confidence that the author will be able to travel to  
Chicago November 18-21, 2010.

	SSHA has set up a mechanism for networks to share papers, so even if  
you have a solo paper, send the idea along.  It is
possible and useful to identify a paper not only by the Culture  
network, but also by some other co-sponsoring networks.  Co-sponsored  
panels and papers are encouraged by the SSHA Program Committee as a  
means of broadening the visibility of the various networks.

	Please use the SSHA submission site – http://conference.ssha.org/

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