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The Cyborgology Blog – Call for Guest Authors

Cyborgology is new technology and society blog are we are seeking
academic contributors.  Posts might summarize current research,
analyze current events, review works of art, or offer theoretical
insights in plain language.  Submissions should be between 200-500
words and be written for a general audience.  Please email:
pjrey.socy at gmail.com or nathanjurgenson at gmail.com.

About the Cyborgology Blog: Cyborgology is part of the Society Pages,
a high-traffic collection of national social science blogs. Our blog
seeks engage a wide audience on issues pertaining to technology and
society, including, but not limited to:

   * Many issues relevant to social network sites like Facebook, such as

         o Identity and self-presentation

         o Privacy and publicity

         o Surveillance, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and secrecy

         o Bodies, sexuality, relationships

   * The blurring of online and offline, real and virtual, cyborgism
and augmented reality

   * Implications of the rise of mobile computing

   * How power and inequality (e.g., the Digital Divide) manifest on the Web

   * Political activism/slacktivism online

   * Global implications of the Internet (or of the multiple Internets)

   * Other topics that deal with society and technology

Visit http://thesocietypages.org/cyborgology/ for more details.  We
look forward to exciting contributions on this timely topic!

Nathan Jurgenson and PJ Rey
Cyborgology editors
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