[CITASA] Web Science conference in Evanston IL (Chicago-ish) June 22-24

Barry Wellman wellman at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Jun 17 11:32:13 EDT 2011

I just locknoted ACM's Webscience 11 in Koblenz.

At the end of which the indefatigable Nosh Contractor announced that he 
(and colleagues) will host the next ACM Web Science conference in 
Evanston, June 12-24 2012 (Kellogg School, Northwestern U), right after 
the Network Science conference June 19-22 at the same venue.

If you're wondering what "web science" is, it's mostly work by computer 
scientists eager to build more social science understanding into their 
research. Much like the early days of the social networks network (INSNA) 
and the internet researchers of AOIR, it's heavily weighted towards eager 
young students, many of whom are either building apps or are doing studies 
of Internet use and users. Steffan Stabb and York Sure led the current 
conference. Nosh Contractor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Dame Wendy Hall, Peter 
Monge, Janet Fulk have been active.

For more info, contact Noshir Contractor <ncontractor4 at gmail.com>, 
nosh at northwestern.edu,

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