[CITASA] Transatlantic Conference on Academia & the Public Sphere

Charlotte Ryan charlotte_ryan at uml.edu
Thu Jun 30 08:10:53 EDT 2011

Why is it that their version of public never includes anything or anyone

Hardly want to attack those trying to protect academic discourse from
absorption by entrepreneurial interests
but for people who know a lot about social movements they sure like to keep
the discourse on a
Berlin-NYC-Berkeley axis.

Having been so elitist in their concept and praticn of the public, they and
dear Martha Nussbaum find the wolf now at their door. Anyone who is anyone
would obviously shout, "Indignez vous!!"  Two decades too late.

Will forward you Colin Barker's address. Do you want to talk before Wed call
to Northeastern?

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 12:14 PM, Andreas Koller <a.koller at nyu.edu> wrote:

> http://publicsphere.ssrc.org/initiative-academia-public-sphere/
> The Public Mission of the Social Sciences and Humanities: Transformation
> and Renewal
> =========================================
> Transatlantic Conference with Jutta Allmendinger, Lisa Anderson, Thomas
> Bender, Michael Burawoy, Craig Calhoun, Klaus Eder, Rogers Smith, Wolfgang
> Streeck, Jacques Revel, Stephen Walt, and others. Leading scholars from both
> sides of the Atlantic who have studied the history of their disciplines will
> analyze the historical transformation of the public role of their
> professions comparatively and critically.
> Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), Berlin, Germany, September
> 16-17, 2011
> To follow from a distance (conference-related conversations, content and
> outcomes), you can sign up for the newsletter [http://bit.ly/l0orVo] or
> follow updates on Twitter: http://twitter.com/PublicSphereHub
> * Conference registration (free, but RSVP required): http://bit.ly/lILnic
> * Conference outline and preliminary program: http://bit.ly/jIv0tP
> * Companion to the conference (research resources): http://bit.ly/hDwOhe
> * Practical information for attending the conference, including tips for
> hotels in the area and cheap accommodation for students:
> http://bit.ly/m2Uvqc
> Inquiries: for questions about the Berlin conference, please contact our
> European partners at publicmission at wzb.eu
> The transatlantic conference is inspired by and builds on the SSRC's
> Academia & the Public Sphere Essay Series: http://bit.ly/fVf5Ux
> Sponsored by the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), The Young
> Academy at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the
> National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Berlin Graduate School of
> Social Sciences (BGSS) at Humboldt University, the Social Science Research
> Council (SSRC) and the Institute for Public Knowledge (IPK) at New York
> University.
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