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Looks like a great selection of articles!

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Hello all,

I am very pleased to announce that the special issue of Information, Communication & Society that features articles presented at the 2011 ASA meetings is now available online through Taylor & Francis' iFirst service.

This annual issues is sponsored by CITASA. Here is the link and below I list the Table of Contents. http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showAxaArticles?journalCode=rics20

On behalf of myself and Laura Robinson, the co-editor on the issue, I would like to thank everyone for participating. Thanks to the authors for their contributions and for their help in showcasing some of the excellent work that is happing across our entire section.


Volume 15, Number 4, May 2012

Special Issue: Communication and Information Technologies Section (ASA) Special Issue

Editorial Comment:  The Social Matrix of the Emergent Web: Governance, Exchange, Participation, & Engagement. Introduction to the ASA Communication and Information Technologies Section 2012 Special Issue

Gina Neff and Laura Robinson

SECTION 1: Structures of Governance and Exchange

Digital formations of the powerful and the powerless: the case of informal political knowledge
Saskia Sassen

Caring capital websites
Ron Anderson

Hacking the global: constructing markets and commons through free software
Sara Shoonmaker

The exchange of material culture among rock fans in online communities
Andrea J. Baker

SECTION 2: Participation, Movements & Engagement

The participatory web: a user perspective on Web 2.0
Grant Blank & Bianca C. Reisdorf

The trend of class, race and ethnicity in social media inequality: who still can't afford to blog?
Jen Schradie

Communicating injustice? Framing and online protest against Chinese government land expropriation
Qiongyou Pu & Stephen J. Scanlan

Private protest? Public and private engagement online
Jennifer Earl

Dr. Gina Neff
Assistant Professor
Department of Communication
University  of Washington
Chair, Communication and Information Technologies Section, American Sociological Association
Author, Venture Labor: Work and the Burden of Risk in Innovative Industries

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