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Steve Sawyer ssawyer at syr.edu
Thu Apr 19 11:53:43 EDT 2012

Hi All.

I'm happy to write that the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) is 
now funding: "A research coordination network (RCN) for Digital 
Societies and Technologies".The focus of the RCN is towards community 
building for sociotech scholars.

This initial funding for this Digital Societies and Technologies RCN 
will run through December, 2016 in support of three broad efforts: (1) 
sociotech community building; (2) planning and piloting shared sociotech 
resources (heading towards a community cyberinfrastructure) and (3) 
expanding the breadth, depth, impact and visibility of sociotech 

The Digital Societies and Technologies RCN and the successful Consortium 
for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST) summer research 
institutes (http://sociotech.net/) serve a similar community of 
scholars. However, the summer research institute is not a part of the 
RCN effort -- it remains both a vibrant activity and distinct from the RCN.

Beyond sharing the good news, we write to draw your attention to 
opportunities to participate in events supported by the Digital 
Societies and Technologies RCN.Calls for participation in specific 
events and projects will begin being announced over the coming months 
and much of the RCN funding is to support workshops of various 
kinds.We'll need your help to plan, organize, staff and participate in 

Feel free to share this news with sociotech colleagues and others.

Sincerely, the RCN steering committee:

Steve Sawyer (PI) (Syracuse), Wayne Lutters (Co-PI) (UM-BC), Brian 
Butler (Co-PI) (UM-CP), Diane Bailey (Texas), Dan Cosley (Cornell), Tom 
Finholt (Michigan), Sean Goggins (Drexel) and Andrea Tapia (Penn State).


Steve Sawyer

(acting) Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Programs


School of Information Studies,ssawyer at syr.edu

344 Hinds Hall+1 315-443-6147

Syracuse University,+1 315-443-5806 (f)

Syracuse NY 13244-4100 USAhttp://sawyer.syr.edu

Visit http://sociotech.net

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