[CITASA] research on volunteering?

romana xerez rxerez at iscsp.utl.pt
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Hi Amy,
Have a look at these classic papers:

Bekkers, R. (2005). "Participation in Voluntary Associations: Relations with
Resources, Personality, and Political Values" Political Psychology 26:
Bekkers, R. (2007a). "Volunteerism" International Encyclopedia of the Social
Sciences 2nd edition. 641-643. New York: Macmillan. 
Bekkers, R. (2007b) "Intergenerational Transmission of Volunteerism" Acta
Sociologica 50(2): 99-114.
Olsson, L-E., Nordfeldt, M., Larsson, O. and Kendall, J. (2008), 'Sweden:
When Strong Third Sector Historical Roots Meet EU Policy Processes' in J.
Kendall (ed.), Handbook on Third Sector Policy in Europe: Multi Level
Processes and Organised Civil Society. Edward Elgar.
Smith, D. (1994) "Determinants of Voluntary Association Participation and
Volunteering: A Literature Review." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector
Quarterly, 23 (3): 243-263.
Wilson, J. (2000) "Volunteering" Annual Review of Sociology, 26: 215-240. 
Wilson, J., Musick M. (1997) "Who Cares? Towards an Integrated Theory of
Volunteer Work". American Sociological Review, 62: 694-71317.

Romana Xerez

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I am hoping to start a new research project on using social media to
encourage volunteering. 
I am guessing there's a big literature on why people get involved in
volunteer work, what sustains participation over time, and why they drop
Are there classic papers in this area I should read?

Thanks for your help!

-- Amy

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