[CITASA] Reminder of March 1 Due Date for Nominations for the CITASA William F. Ogburn Career Achievement Award

Rebecca Adams r_adams at uncg.edu
Thu Feb 16 09:03:53 EST 2012

The* CITASA William F. Ogburn Career Achievement Award r*ecognizes a
sustained body of research that has provided an outstanding contribution to
the advancement of knowledge in the area of sociology of communications or
the sociology of information technology.

All nomination materials, including at least one letter of nomination and
the nominee’s CV, are due *March 1, 2012*.

Please send these materials to Rebecca Adams (Chair;  r_adams at uncg.edu).

Other members of the committee are: Jim Witte( jwitte at gmu.edu) and Gustavo
Mesch, (gustavo at soc.haifa.ac.il).

Rebecca G. Adams

Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

357 McIver Building

PO Box 26170

PO Box 27402-6170

Voice: 336-334-3578

FAX: 336-334-4342

Email: Rebecca_Adams at uncg.edu
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