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A syllabus share is a great idea. You don't say what level your course is at, but here's a couple of mine and descriptions for the classes.  I'm happy to provide more feedback on how these worked for you or anyone else.

Good luck!

COM 302 The Cultural Impact of New Communication Technologies. Taught as both large and small undergraduate lecture course integrating theories from science and technology studies with the social studies of communication technology.

COM 339 The Business of Media in the Digital Age. Taught as both large and small undergraduate lecture course on analysis of media products and industries using cultural industry approaches. Has section on copyright and cultural production in the digital age.

COM 539 Theories of Technology & Society. Developed gateway introduction for the department's Technology & Society Ph.D. focus area based on theories of communication and technology.

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I'm teaching a new course next quarter entitled Internet & Society and searching for good readings that map the landscape (I have several, but am looking for more/better). If you have a syllabus you would be willing to share, or know of a fantastic (especially underappreciated) article or book relevant to any of the following topics, I would be grateful.

history, growth and structure of the Internet
"digital divide(s)": by class, race, age, communities, occupations and countries
online identities and intimacy
creative mashups and intellectual property
political participation
discourse and polarization
online cultures and diversity
immersive and virtual reality
Information overload, "reading" and thinking with the Internet
online markets, web services and work

Sincere thanks,


James A. Evans

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