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This is my editorial introduction to the JoCI special issue on Universities
and Communities presented as a blogpost... This may be of interest to


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-university-community-relationships/> Relationships: Universities,
Researchers and Communities:: Special Issue: Journal of Community
Informatics: University - Community Relationships

by Michael  <http://gurstein.wordpress.com/author/gurstein/> Gurstein 

This issue of The  <http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej> Journal of
Community Informatics (JoCI) deals with research relationships between
universities and university based ICT researchers  and communities. These
matters are, of course of central significance to Community Informatics
since much of CI is, in one form or another, linked into this type of

These papers, however interesting and valuable they are in giving us insight
and direction into how these relationships can be undertaken in ways which
are respectful, productive and mutually advantageous; perhaps raise as many
questions as they resolve. And here I point to these questions not to be
critical of the individual papers or the issue overall, but rather to
indicate how complex and challenging this area can be for those concerned
and how this complexity has broader significance for the overall nature of
CI both in the academic world and as a practice in the field.

The first question to ask is how have university community relations evolved
in the context of the broad evolution of universities and particularly the
current widely observed trend toward corporatization of universities,
university research and even university teaching. The rise of "user pays"
approaches to universities as in other spheres  (in most of the OECD
countries among others) has meant that the financing of universities
increasingly relies on tuition, overhead from research funds, corporate (and
other, including alumni) donations, and endowments where available, for
funding.  This has lead to very significant increases in the cost of tuition
(and the related student loan crises particularly in the US) as well as a
more "business-like" (corporate) approach to university management. ...


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