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Hi CI colleagues,

Thank-you to everyone who responded to our call for papers by the 
deadline, much appreciated. We have some interesting proposals to review 
and are excited about the upcoming special issue... However we received 
few proposals from outside North America and so are extending the 
deadline for abstracts for contributions about communities in South America,
Africa and Europe. Attached is the original CfP. Please note the 
contributions can be in either English or French and in addition to 
research articles we are also looking for short case studies or 
community stories and position papers. If you think your research might 
fit this call but are unsure please contact me and we can discuss...

Call for papers - Journal of Community Informatics (JoCI) Special Issue: The
First Mile of Broadband Connectivity in Communities http://firstmile.ca

Please distribute this call for papers to your colleagues.

Articles will be published in English and French.

The Journal of Community Informatics (http://ci-journal.net) is concerned
with research on the uses and appropriations of information and
communication technologies (ICT) that enable communities to "improve their
processes, achieve their objectives and overcome the 'digital divides' that
exist both within and between communities." Since its first issues, in 2004,
the journal has built an excellent reputation among academics, professionals
and policy-makers involved in ICT initiatives aiming at the empowerment of
citizens and communities.

The Journal of Community Informatics is preparing a special issue on the
"First Mile" of broadband connectivity in communities, scheduled for
publication in 2013. We invite contributions from community members,
researchers, graduate students, government policy makers, policy analysts,
activists, practitioners, community developers, project and program leaders
and staff, technology developers and technicians.

Traditionally, the "last mile" of broadband refers to the final leg of
connectivity from the telecommunications provider to the home. The First
Mile concept turns that around - it refers to policies and practices that
support communities to invest in, own and build their local broadband
infrastructure and to shape and use it to meet community needs. The First
Mile is an alternative to the traditional corporate, institutional, and
urban-centered telecommunications approaches. In Canada, the First Mile
project is documenting cases of First Nations communities connected to
broadband in ways that support sustainable, locally-driven services and
activities (http://firstmile.ca).

We would like to share Canadian First Mile-related research and stories with
the international community and learn from First Mile, parallel and
associated experiences internationally. This JoCI Special Issue will accept
contributions in either English or French and will publish articles in
either or both languages. The deadline for abstracts is May 31, 2012.

What we are looking for:

Contributions exploring the First Mile of broadband connectivity and
parallel or associated experiences in Canada and internationally.
Contributions based on accepted abstracts can be: .Original research
(maximum 4,000 words) .Vision statements, theoretical position papers
(maximum 4,000 words) .Case studies / community stories (500 to 1,500 words)

Contributions can focus on these and related topics:
.Case studies of First Mile initiatives or parallel / associated experiences
in communities .Theories about First Mile initiatives and related
experiences in communities .Community alternatives to corporate
telecommunications services .Policy frameworks and public funding programs
structured to support community-owned construction and operation of
broadband infrastructure .How communities are applying principles of OCAP
(ownership, control, access and possession) to the data flowing on their
local networks .Experiences of strategic partnerships that sustain these
community initiatives .Community ownership and delivery of community
services using broadband .Community economic development using broadband
networks .The economic business case to sustain the operation and
maintenance of the community network and the applications .The supports,
partners, infrastructure and local capacity necessary to sustain First Mile
operations .Public / government procurement policies and programs for
services that support the First Mile telecom network .Challenges and
opportunities for community-owned local broadband networks .Community-based
approaches for researching First Mile initiatives

.Anytime: Email any of the guest editors with questions
.May 31, 2012: Deadline for abstracts - abstracts must include author(s) and
affiliation(s) and an outline of the contribution (maximum 200 words). 

Email abstracts to Susan O'Donnell (susanodo at unb.ca)
.June 30: Decisions to authors
.September 30: Deadline for authors to submit completed contributions
.October-November 2012: Peer-review
.November: Decisions, requests for revisions sent to authors .January 2013:
Authors submit final versions for publication .January-February 2013:
Translation of articles into French / English .April 2013: JoCI Special
Issue published online

Guest co-editors:
.Susan O'Donnell (susanodo at unb.ca) - University of New Brunswick
(www.unb.ca) .Brian Beaton (brian.beaton at knet.ca) & Brian Walmark
(brian.walmark at knet.ca) - Keewaytinook Okimakanak (www.knet.ca) .Tim
Whiteduck (TWhiteduck at cepn-fnec.com) - First Nations Education Council
(www.cepn-fnec.com) .Kevin Burton - (admin at firstnationhelp.com) - Atlantic
Canada's First Nation Help Desk (www.firstnationhelp.com) .Rob McMahon
(rma29 at sfu.ca) & Richard Smith (smith at sfu.ca) - Simon Fraser University
(www.sfu.ca) .Michael Gurstein (gurstein at gmail.com) - Centre for Community
Informatics Research, Development and Training
(www.communityinformatics.net) .William McIver, Jr. (Bill.McIver at nrc.gc.ca)
- National Research Council (www.nrc.ca) & University of New Brunswick

Deadline for abstracts: May 31, 2012

Email abstracts to: Susan O'Donnell susanodo at unb.ca

The new deadline for submissions from outside North America is Saturday, 
June 30.

Thanks for considering this special call and best wishes to all, Susan

Dr. Susan O'Donnell, Researcher and Adjunct Professor Department of
Sociology, University of New Brunswick PO Box 1122, Fredericton, NB, Canada
E3B 5C2 susanodo at unb.ca
Office: 506-444-0374
Cell: 506-238-7572

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