[CITASA] Seeking twitter questions and comments on anonymity in interpersonal mediated communication #mc425ano

E.J.Helsper at lse.ac.uk E.J.Helsper at lse.ac.uk
Fri Nov 9 09:18:12 EST 2012

Dear colleagues,

In two weeks my mc425 course will be dedicated to anonymity in
interpersonal mediated communication. 

It's now become tradition to invite external questions or comments about
this topic through twitter. Any twitter questions and comments with hash
tag #mc425ano posted in the coming weeks will be live streamed during
the lecture and discussed during the seminar by the students on the

I will tweet an invite from my twitter account so that you can retweet
(does mean you'll have to become a follower). If you don't have twitter
but would like to pose a question in 140 characters you can email it to
me and I will tweet it for you.

Examples of questions/comments we had in previous years were: 

'There is no such thing as anonymity online #mc425ano'

'I don't know you, you don't know me. Does that mean I'm anonymous?

'There is both safety and threat in online anonimity. Victims and those
who have been saved by anonymity. #mc425ano'

'#mc425ano Bullying anyone?'


The past two years this worked really well, hope it will do so again
this year.


Thanks in advance,


e.j.helsper at lse.ac.uk

twitter: @ellenhel



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