[CITASA] Studies on effects of Gender and age on attitudes ICTs

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Hi Adrienne,


There are studies, as some on this listserv have suggested, that document significant gender and age differences in people’s attitudes toward ICTs. I don’t need to find studies about the “truly causal relationship” in this case, a strong correlation is enough because it is extremely unlikely that positive or negative attitudes toward ICTs could affect people’s gender or age.




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What scholarly literature informs your hypothesis that there is a truly causal relationship between gender or age and ICT? There is a concern regarding spurious correlation. What are the actual causal factors?

Adrienne Redd 

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Hi all,


I’m in the middle of doing lit review for a MA thesis, and I’d appreciate if anyone can point me to some literature on the effects of gender and age (and maybe other factors) on people’s attitudes toward various ICTs.




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