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I thought this might be of interest to some of our members…

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Subject: News from the Political Communication Division

Political communication report
The most recent edition of The Political Communication Report, our divisions’ newsletter, has been posted online at www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter.html<http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter.html>.

Our feature includes perspectives on the future of political communication, including:

1. Media fragmentation and political disengagement (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_arceneauxjohnson.html)
2. Communication technologies around the globe (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_bailard.html)
3. Polarizing effects of partisan media (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_levendusky.html)
4. Experimentation with classes via Twitter (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_stanton.html)
5. Working with Big Data (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_shahetal.html)

Please also see the announcements (http://www.politicalcommunication.org/newsletter_23_3_announcements.html)

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