[CITASA] 6 PhD positions - Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive Environments (ICE)

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*6 PhD positions - Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive 
Environments (ICE)*

Research areas of interest:


    Assistive technologies: Human-Computer Interaction, Pervasive
    Computing, Multimedia systems & simulation environments;


    Network-embedded systems: Pervasive Computing, Distributed Mobile
    systems, Multimedia Networks;


    People-inspired technologies: Human Computer Interaction, Artificial
    Intelligence and Cognitive Systems, Data Mining;


    Design for social interaction: Adaptive systems, Autonomous systems,
    Aware environments;


    Multi-sensor surveillance: Cognitive Data Fusion, Machine Learning,
    Digital Signal Processing.

*The Erasmus Mundus Joint/Double Doctorate in Interactive and Cognitive 
Environments*(*EMJD ICE*) fourth *Call for Application *is now open, 
*with expected deadline in January 13, 2013*, offering _*6 granted PhD 

The programme give the PhD candidates the opportunity to enjoy the 
meaningful experience of an *education programme*in the field of 
*research related to computer science, electronic and telecommunication 
engineering, and industrial design*.

The attraction of the ICE doctorate is mainly referable to the chance, 
guaranteed to any wishful applicant interested in the programme, to 
acquire and to formalize the *knowledge in specific advanced domains*, 
achieved through the active participation in lectures and seminars; 
furthermore, they are constantly stimulated to be in strict touch with 
*leading research groups*that have proven experiences in research 
activities in basic disciplines necessary for the PhD course *in the 
five partner universities involved in the project (Università degli 
Studi di Genova/UniGe -- Technische Universiteit Eindhoven/TU/e -- Queen 
Mary University of London/QMUL -- Universitat Politècnica de 
Catalunya/UPC -- Technische Universitet Klagenfurt/UNIKLU*). And "last 
but not least", the ICE programme involves *actual industry/academy 
joint research activities on projects in cooperation with leading ICT 
companies*, typically under international institutional umbrellas, such 
as the European Research Frameworks. *26 partners worldwide*, coming 
both from the industrial and the academic sector, *have already 
expressed their support to EMJD ICE demonstrating the international 
relevance of the course*.

The selected candidates will be in receipt of a *scholarship of €2,800 
as gross monthly salary*for living expenses financed by the EACEA 
(European Community) through the ICE Consortium; additionally, Cat. A 
students will receive *€7,500 for travel expenses*.

The selected candidates will be provided a *structured mobility 
scheme*that foresees a stay in two of the five partner universities. In 
this frame, they will be also offered to participate actively in some 
noteworthy events, such as the *yearly ICE Summer School*that is held, 
year by year on a rotating basis, in one of the hosting institutions. 
Aspecific provision of trainingfocused on the acquisitionof*targeted 
skills*is guaranteed by the programme. A key role is played by the 
*project supervisors*(two at least are assigned in both the hosting 
institutions), since they take care of the study progress of the PhD 
candidates and help them to improve their research capabilities.

The medium of instruction is English; nevertheless, the PhD studentswill 
be offered*language courses*that will allowthem to improve theirability 
to interact withvarious subjectsin the most commonsituationsof everyday 
life. At the same time, the candidates will be provided *assistance**in 
legal and administrative procedures*.

It can be surely told that the ICE programme mainly aims at *enforcing 
the PhD candidates' intellectual and academic**capability*, on one hand, 
and at *promoting*, on the other, *a tangible integration in the 
society*through *ad-hoc courses*and *university staff support*.

So...join us!

Visit *our official website at**http://www.icephd.org*in order to be 
fully informed about the selection and admission procedures!

...we are looking for you....

The ICE Coordinating Team

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