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Apologies for the mistype: the deadline is *January 13, 2014*.
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The ICE Coordinating Team

Il 27/12/2013 12:03, EMJD ICE PhD ha scritto:
> *6 PhD positions - Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Interactive and 
> Cognitive Environments (ICE)*
> Research areas of interest:
>  *
>     Assistive technologies: Human-Computer Interaction, Pervasive
>     Computing, Multimedia systems & simulation environments;
>  *
>     Network-embedded systems: Pervasive Computing, Distributed Mobile
>     systems, Multimedia Networks;
>  *
>     People-inspired technologies: Human Computer Interaction,
>     Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems, Data Mining;
>  *
>     Design for social interaction: Adaptive systems, Autonomous
>     systems, Aware environments;
>  *
>     Multi-sensor surveillance: Cognitive Data Fusion, Machine
>     Learning, Digital Signal Processing.
> *The Erasmus Mundus Joint/Double Doctorate in Interactive and 
> Cognitive Environments*(*EMJD ICE*) fourth *Call for Application *is 
> now open, *with expected deadline in January 13, 2013*, offering _*6 
> granted PhD positions*_.
> The programme give the PhD candidates the opportunity to enjoy the 
> meaningful experience of an *education programme*in the field of 
> *research related to computer science, electronic and 
> telecommunication engineering, and industrial design*.
> The attraction of the ICE doctorate is mainly referable to the chance, 
> guaranteed to any wishful applicant interested in the programme, to 
> acquire and to formalize the *knowledge in specific advanced domains*, 
> achieved through the active participation in lectures and seminars; 
> furthermore, they are constantly stimulated to be in strict touch with 
> *leading research groups*that have proven experiences in research 
> activities in basic disciplines necessary for the PhD course *in the 
> five partner universities involved in the project (Università degli 
> Studi di Genova/UniGe -- Technische Universiteit Eindhoven/TU/e -- 
> Queen Mary University of London/QMUL -- Universitat Politècnica de 
> Catalunya/UPC -- Technische Universitet Klagenfurt/UNIKLU*). And "last 
> but not least", the ICE programme involves *actual industry/academy 
> joint research activities on projects in cooperation with leading ICT 
> companies*, typically under international institutional umbrellas, 
> such as the European Research Frameworks. *26 partners worldwide*, 
> coming both from the industrial and the academic sector, *have already 
> expressed their support to EMJD ICE demonstrating the international 
> relevance of the course*.
> The selected candidates will be in receipt of a *scholarship of €2,800 
> as gross monthly salary*for living expenses financed by the EACEA 
> (European Community) through the ICE Consortium; additionally, Cat. A 
> students will receive *€7,500 for travel expenses*.
> The selected candidates will be provided a *structured mobility 
> scheme*that foresees a stay in two of the five partner universities. 
> In this frame, they will be also offered to participate actively in 
> some noteworthy events, such as the *yearly ICE Summer School*that is 
> held, year by year on a rotating basis, in one of the hosting 
> institutions. Aspecific provision of trainingfocused on the 
> acquisitionof*targeted skills*is guaranteed by the programme. A key 
> role is played by the *project supervisors*(two at least are assigned 
> in both the hosting institutions), since they take care of the study 
> progress of the PhD candidates and help them to improve their research 
> capabilities.
> The medium of instruction is English; nevertheless, the PhD 
> studentswill be offered*language courses*that will allowthem to 
> improve theirability to interact withvarious subjectsin the most 
> commonsituationsof everyday life. At the same time, the candidates 
> will be provided *assistance**in legal and administrative procedures*.
> It can be surely told that the ICE programme mainly aims at *enforcing 
> the PhD candidates' intellectual and academic**capability*, on one 
> hand, and at *promoting*, on the other, *a tangible integration in the 
> society*through *ad-hoc courses*and *university staff support*.
> So...join us!
> Visit *our official website at**http://www.icephd.org*in order to be 
> fully informed about the selection and admission procedures!
> ...we are looking for you....
> The ICE Coordinating Team

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