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Journal of Learning Analytics
  ISSN 1929-7750 (online)

Homepage: http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/journals/index.php/JLA
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/jla_editorial
Contact:  jla.editorial at gmail.com

Submission deadline (inaugural issue): April 30, 2013


Journal of Learning Analytics is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal,
disseminating the highest quality research in the field. The journal is the
official publication of the Society for Learning Analytics Research
(SoLAR). With an international Editorial Board comprising leading scholars,
it is the first journal dedicated to research into the challenges of
collecting, analysing and reporting data with the specific intent to
improve learning and teaching practice. “Learning” is broadly defined
across a range of contexts, including informal learning on the internet,
formal academic study in institutions (primary/secondary/tertiary), and
workplace learning.

The journal seeks to connect researchers and developers with practitioners,
creating and disseminating new tools and techniques, studying
transformations, and providing ongoing evaluation and critique of the
conceptual, technical, and practical outcomes. The interdisciplinary focus
of the journal recognizes that computational, pedagogical, institutional,
policy and social domains must be brought into dialogue with each other to
ensure that interventions and organizational systems serve the needs of all
stakeholders. The journal seeks to bring into dialogue the intersection of
the fields of Education, Computation and Sensemaking.

Journal of Learning Analytics welcomes papers that either describe original
research or offer a review of the state of the art in a particular area.
The journal also welcomes practice-focused papers that detail Learning
Analytics applications in real-world settings, provided that they offer
innovative insights for advancing the field (see the About section).

Focus and Scope

The following topics are indicative of the journal’s scope:


-Connections between learning analytics and the learning sciences
-Personalization and adaptation in the learning process
-Educational research methods
-Learner modeling
-The study of emotion, flow, and affective data


-Social network analysis
-Web science, the Semantic Web, and linked data
-Data mining and machine learning techniques
-Natural language processing and text mining
-Recommendation engines


-Visualization and user experience
-Data and multimedia literacy
-Organizational dynamics
-Ethical issues

Research Papers

Journal of Learning Analytics welcomes papers that either describe original
research or offer a review of the state of the art in a particular area of
learning analytics. No submission, or substantially overlapping submission,
be published or be under review elsewhere.  Submissions that extend
previously published conference papers are welcome provided that the
journal submission has sufficiently been extended (at least 25-30% of new

The Reflective Practitioner Section

This section of the Journal of Learning Analytics is peer-reviewed and
 covers the application of learning analytics across a diversity of
contexts. This section spotlights trends and practices; provides new
insights and ideas; and analyzes the implications of learning analytics.
This section is not intended as an avenue for publication of research


-Shane Dawson, University of South Australia, Australia
-Dragan Gasevic, Athabasca University, Canada
-Phillip Long, University of Queensland, Australia

Editor of the Reflective Practitioner Section
-John Campbell, West Virginia University, USA

Associate Editors

-George Bradford, University of West Georgia, United States
-Phillip Dawson, Monash University, Australia
-Hendrik Drachsler, Open University of the Netherlands, Netherlands
-Rebecca Ferguson, Open University, United Kingdom
-Caroline Haythornthwaite, University of British Columbia, Canada
-Nancy Law, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
-Leah Macfadyen, University of British Columbia, Canada
-Negin Mirriahi, University of New South Wales, Australia
-Abelardo Pardo, The University of Sydney, Australia
-Rob Phillips, Murdoch University, Australia
-Matthew Pistilli, Purdue University, United States
-Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan, National Institute of Education, Singapore
-Alyssa Wise, Simon Fraser University, Canada
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