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Nice new book on our stuff. Published by Oxford U Press in Canada, but 
generally applicable.

  Barry Wellman

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Subject: Understanding Technology and Society


  ISBN 9780195437836

  304 pp.

  © 2013

  Technology and Society

  Social Networks, Power, and Inequality

  Anabel Quan-Haase


  "This text makes a major contribution to our understanding of how
technology transforms current Canadian as well as global trends by
providing an in-depth analysis of the social, cultural, economic,
historical, and political landscape."

  —Barry Wellman, University of Toronto




  Comprehensive yet concise. Offers in-depth discussions of the rise
of technology, major sociological theories, and real-life examples,
giving students a well-rounded introduction to the study of technology
and society.

  Accessible coverage of cutting-edge topics. Emphasizes the human
context of topics such as real-time technologies, wearable computing,
electronic surveillance, and virtual mourning.

  Balances theory with real-world examples. Abstract concepts are
illustrated by real-life examples such as Obama's campaign strategies
and the use of Twitter in the recent Iran election conflict.

  Explores technology as a social process. Approaches technological
issues through the lenses of social structures such as power,
inequality, and communication.

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