[CITASA] Yelp research?

Zukin, Sharon SZukin at gc.cuny.edu
Sat Jul 27 12:45:00 EDT 2013

Could you please post this question on your section listserv?
Many thanks.
Sharon Zukin

My students and I are working on an analysis of Yelp reviews of restaurants in a New York City neighborhood.  Though we have found analyses of the effects of Yelp reviews on restaurants' business success, we have not found any research on the text of these reviews, on the aggregate of Yelp restaurant reviewers, or on the relation between restaurant reviews and urban locations.

If you know of any research on these issues, could you please let us know?


Sharon Zukin
Professor of Sociology
Brooklyn College and City University Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue
New York 10016
szukin at gc.cuny.edu

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