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Subject: Fwd: We Robot 2014 Call for Papers

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Subject: We Robot 2014 Call for Papers
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We invite submissions for “*We Robot 2014: Risks & Opportunities*” – a
conference at the intersection of the law, policy, and technology of
robotics, to be held in Coral Gables, Florida on April 4-5, 2014.   We
Robot is now in its third year, returning to the University of Miami School
of Law after being hosted by Stanford Law School last April.  The
conference web site is at http://robots.law.miami.edu/2014.

We Robot 2014 seeks contributions by academics, practitioners, and
developers in the form of scholarly papers or presentations of relevant
projects.  We invite your reports from the front lines of robot design and
development, and invite contributions for works-in-progress sessions.
Through this interdisciplinary gathering, we are encouraging conversations
between the people designing, building, and deploying robots, and the
people who design or influence the legal and social structures in which
robots will operate. We particularly encourage contributions resulting from
interdisciplinary collaborations, such as those between legal or policy
scholars and roboticists.

Robotics is becoming a transformative technology that presents many legal
and social challenges. This conference will build on existing scholarship
that explores how the increasing sophistication and autonomous
decision-making capabilities of robots and their widespread deployment
everywhere from the home, to hospitals, to public spaces, and even to the
battlefield disrupts existing legal regimes or requires rethinking of
various policy issues.

*Scholarly Papers*

Topics of interest for the scholarly paper portion of the conference
include but are not limited to:

    - Risks and opportunities of robot deployment in the workplace, the
    home, and other contexts where robots and humans work side-by-side.
    - Issues related to software-only systems such as automated trading
    - Regulatory and licensing issues raised by robots in the home, the
    office, in public spaces (e.g. roads), and in specialized environments such
    as hospitals.
    - Design of legal rules that will strike the right balance between
    encouraging innovation and safety, particularly in the context of
    autonomous robots.
    - Issues of legal or moral responsibility, e.g. relating to autonomous
    robots or robots capable of exhibiting emergent behavior.
    - Usage of robots in public safety and military contexts.
    - Privacy issues relating to data collection by robots, either built for
    that purpose or incidental to other tasks.
    - Intellectual property challenges relating to robotics as a nascent
    industry, to works or inventions created by robots, or otherwise peculiar
    to robotics.
    - Issues arising from automation of professional tasks such as
    unauthorized practice of law or medicine.
    - How legal scholars should think about robots, and how roboticists
    should think about the legal code.

These are only some examples of relevant topics. We are very interested in
papers on other topics driven by actual or probable robot deployments.  The
purpose of this conference is to help set a research agenda relating to the
deployment of robots in society, to inform policy-makers of the issues, and
to help design legal rules that will maximize opportunities and minimize
risks arising from the increased deployment of robots in society.


We also invite expressions of interest from potential discussants. Every
paper accepted will be assigned a discussant whose job it will be to
present and comment on the paper. These presentations will be very brief
(no more than 10 minutes) and will consist mostly of making a few points
critiquing the author’s paper to kick off the conversation. Authors will
then respond briefly (no more than 5 minutes). The rest of the session will
consist of a group discussion about the paper moderated by the discussant.
Attendees will need to read papers in advance to understand and participate
in each discussion.

*Works-in-Progress Presentations*

Unlike the scholarly papers, proposals for the works-in-progress
presentations may be purely descriptive and designer/builders will be asked
to present their work themselves. We’d like to hear about your latest
innovations – and what’s on the drawing board for the next generations of
robots as well, or about legal and policy issues you have encountered in
the design or deploy process.

*How to Submit Your Proposal*

Please send a 1-3 page abstract outlining your proposed paper, and a c.v.
of the author(s).

    - Paper proposals accepted at
Oct. 1, 2013. See
further information.
    - Call for papers closes Nov 4, 2013
    - Responses by Dec. 2, 2013
    - Full papers due by March 14, 2014.  They will be posted on line at the
    conference web site.

We Robot 2014 will be hosted by the University of Miami School of Law,
Coral Gables, Florida on April 4-5, 2014.  Venue details are at the
conference web site <http://robots.law.miami.edu/robots.law.miami.edu/2014>.

We anticipate paying reasonable round-trip domestic coach airfare and
providing hotel accommodation for presenters and discussants.

[MF Note: Although we only promise US domestic coach airfare, we are
intensively fund-raising, and if it goes well we may be able to spring for
an international coach ticket.]

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