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Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation 
December 2012

March 2012

Dear Friend,
We are proud to announce the publication of our new issue of the Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation journal 'Bridges and Barriers: globalisation and the mobility of work and workers' 
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New Issue: out now


[2] Volume 6 No 2: Bridges and barriers: globalisation and the mobility of work and workers
Globalisation opens up many new choices for employers, both to relocate work and to tap into a flexible labour pool through the use of migrant workers. There is a complex interplay between the movement of jobs to people (offshore outsourcing) and the movement of people to jobs (migration). As well as examining the changing spatial dynamics of international outsourcing, this collection explores some of the ways that both jobs and workers are becoming more mobile, and looks not only at the implications of this for the careers and conditions of workers in footloose employment but also what it means for the workers who are left behind when global forces snatch away their more geographically rooted jobs. Drawing on research carried out in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America and Asia, this collection brings together a diverse range of studies, in the process providing important new insights into both the enablers of and the barriers to employers’ access to a global reserve army of labour 

Bridges and barriers: globalisation and the mobility of work and workers
Ursula Huws
Consent and Content: effects of value chain restructuring on work and conflict in highly skilled workforces
Pamela Meil 
(Im)mobilising transnational labour? patterns of spatial mobility in Indo-German software companies  
Nicole Mayer-Ahuja  
The emergence of a new medical model: the international division of labour and the formation of an international outsourcing chain in teleradiology  
Selma Venco  
International sourcing and asymmetry: how Western software entrepreneurs tap and decant Ukrainian engineering skills  
Graham Hollinshead and Jane Hardy 
The international division of labour, local resources and engineering workers: Eastern Europe in the global networks of the semiconductor Industry 
Peter Pawlicki
Exhausted bodies and precious products: women’s work in a Special Economic Zone for the electronics industry in Poland
Malgorzata Maciejewska
Offshoring Danish jobs to Germany:  regional effects and challenges to workers’ organisation in the slaughterhouse industry  
Bjarke Refslund 
Workers, New Orleans, and the global shipbuilding regime
Aaron Schneider 
Globalisation as a driver of employment precariousness? the labour market status of UK auto workers four years after plant closure 
David Bailey and Alex De Ruyter 
Skills that are valued in the knowledge economy: an examination of the experience of French workers in the 2000s
Fabienne Berton


In the pipeline:

Volume 7, Number 1
This volume will focus on online work, including 'digital labour' and 'virtual work'. We welcome articles that look theoretically or empirically at any aspect of this topic including:
  * new types of labour made possible by the Internet;
  * how traditionally spatially-rooted types of work migrate online;
  * shifting boundaries between paid and unpaid online labour;
  * gender and virtual work;
  * theories of virtual work;
  * new geographies of virtual work 
  If you intend to submit an article, it would be helpful if you could send an abstract to ursulahuws at analyticapublications.co.uk by the end of December, 2012. The deadline for full submissions is end of February, 2013 

[3] Previous Issues

Volume 6, Number 1: The Reproduction of difference: gender and the global division of labour


[5] Volume 5, Number 1: Passing the Buck: corporate restructuring and the casualisation of employment 


[6] Volume 4, Number 2: Getting the message: communications workers and global value chains



[8] Volume 4, Number 1: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the shaping of employment in a global economy


[9] [10] Volume 3, Number 1: Working at the interface: call centre labour in a global economy


[11] Volume 2, Number 2, The New Gold Rush: the New Multinationals and the Commodification of Public Sector Work

[12] Volume 2, Number 1 Break or Weld?: Trade Union Responses to Global Value Chain Restructuring 



[14] Volume 1, Number 2: Defragmenting: Towards a Critical Understanding of the New Global Division of Labour


[15] Volume 1 Number 1, The Spark in the Engine: Creative Workers in a Global Economy

Thanks for your continuing support,
Kind Regards,

Jenny Zienau
Analytica Publications

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