[CITASA] CALL FOR PAPERS: Race and Contention in 21st Century U.S. Media

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Race and Contention in 21st Century U.S. Media (tentative title)

Jason Smith and Bhoomi K. Thakore, editors

In the 21st century, colorblind ideology permeates all structures and institutions of society, including the institution of the media. While representations of minorities continue to reflect contentious stereotypes and ideologies, , these characters reflect the racial order in which they were produced. To date, much has been written on the topic of minority representation in the media. However, there have been fewer critical works on the ways in which increased minority characters are created within contemporary media structures, and the ways in which these representations reflect a normative racial ideology.

In Race and Contention in 21st Century U.S. Media, we strive to address the ways in which minority characters have broken the historical limitations of representation in 21st century mainstream/popular media. Through the works presented in this anthology, we will acknowledge the power of dominant values and ideologies in non-normative racial/gender representations, and the types of characterizations these representations reproduce. We contend that these representations have direct consequences on contemporary racial ideologies and hierarchies.

We seek both theoretical and empirical submissions that address minority representations in a variety of post-2000 media - including film, television, music, news media, and online/new media. Please submit your completed chapter (5000-7000 words), OR a chapter proposal (500-750 words, including your research question, key literature, and conclusions) to the editors by August 30, 2014. Authors will be notified by October 2014 if their proposals have been accepted for the book prospectus. For more information and to submit proposals, contact Jason Smith (jsm5 at gmu.edu<mailto:jsm5 at gmu.edu>) and Bhoomi K. Thakore (bhoomi.thakore at northwestern.edu<mailto:bhoomi.thakore at northwestern.edu>).

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