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Replying to the whole list on this one: I've noticed quite a bit of push-back recently on buying monographs. For years, I've had an informal policy of assigning at least one monograph for each of my large undergraduate courses (and many of you have been the beneficiaries of this). But a recent experience with an "instructional designer" for an online course left me a bit sour - she said that students are not buying even inexpensive monographs for the online courses and balk at paying Amazon, itunes etc for a copy of a movie. Overall course material costs have plummeted - students no longer pay for course packs. But still I'm feeling a weird pressure to keep the monetary cost at zero. Anybody else?


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Many of you have mentioned in passing that you're teaching my new book in your fall classes (*thank you*!!!).  If you are, I was wondering if you'd be willing to send me a copy of your syllabus?  One other question: If you are teaching my book, are you encouraging students to buy it or are you sending them to the free version?  (I'm fine either way but, as you can imagine, folks are asking me how giving away my book is impacting classroom adoption and I have _zero_ clue.)

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