[CITASA] are you teaching "It's Complicated"?

Alice Robbin arobbin at indiana.edu
Mon Aug 11 13:19:24 EDT 2014

I agree, Mary. I have found that without homework assignments and/or 
tests that require reading, whether monographs or journal articles, the 
  majority of the students are not reading. And the reading that is 
done is specifically to respond to a particular assignment or a test 
that covers A through C... I am finding that reduced requirements in 
courses taken earlier in the program are having an effect on whether 
students read or don't read. Every year I reduce the required readings 
because I know students view anything more than 30 pages as too much, 
and even 30 pages a week seems to be too much. This is all, of course, 
a generalization: There are still students who read everything and more 
(e.g., recommended readings).

All the best,

Quoting "Mary L. Gray" <mlg at indiana.edu>:

> would hate to miss the reality check that faculty also, increasingly,
> have less time to hold students accountable to the materials. I could
> get students to read books when I had time to quiz them or collect
> weekly summaries on the readings. Much harder to motivate a range of
> students to read if they aren't held accountable in concrete ways.
> best,
> mary
> Mary L. Gray
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> On Aug 11, 2014, at 11:32 AM, Nick Lalone <nick.lalone at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Before I left my previous position as a technical liason, we were
>> starting to get into the miles of rhetoric of this question of cost
>> for books / student purchasing of texts for class. One thing we
>> started to really look into was the viability of e-text platforms.
>> While this itself is a troublesome topic given the gap between the
>> level of technological adoption to the level of technological
>> literacy, it did provide some interesting ideas.
>> I was routinely told by multiple e-text distribution company reps
>> was that for the most part, 40% of students in a class purchase the
>> textbooks required for that class. I don't know where this stat came
>> from but it made the products this reps were presenting seem pretty
>> amazing so take it with the required degree of mistrust. This gap of
>> was blamed for the high cost of textbooks.
>> As such, the CMS embedded etext distribution platform was that it
>> could guarantee 100% of all students get the required text 100% of
>> the time because it was part of tuition. As such, the cost per text
>> per student would range anywhere from 3.00 (for a book like "It's
>> Complicated") to 20.00 (for a physiology class).
>> Take that as you will.
>> Nick
>> Nick LaLone
>> Penn State University
>> Information Science and Technology
>> ist.psu.edu
>> www.nicklalone.com
>> www.beforegamedesign.com
>> On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 7:37 AM, Michelle Kazmer <mkazmer at fsu.edu> wrote:
>> Gina:
>> Yes, same here. Combine the students' unwillingness to pay for
>> materials (for what may be very good reasons) with the requirement
>> that we select all required course materials at the time of
>> enrollment (at our uni that's mid-March for a course beginning in
>> August), and I too have experienced the zero-cost pressure. We work
>> with it, but it can be frustrating. Graduate courses are a bit more
>> tractable, in my experience.
>> Michelle M. Kazmer, Ph.D.
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>> On Aug 11, 2014, at 3:21 AM, Gina Neff <gneff at uw.edu> wrote:
>> > Replying to the whole list on this one: I've noticed quite a bit
>> of push-back recently on buying monographs. For years, I've had an
>> informal policy of assigning at least one monograph for each of my
>> large undergraduate courses (and many of you have been the
>> beneficiaries of this). But a recent experience with an
>> "instructional designer" for an online course left me a bit sour -
>> she said that students are not buying even inexpensive monographs
>> for the online courses and balk at paying Amazon, itunes etc for a
>> copy of a movie. Overall course material costs have plummeted -
>> students no longer pay for course packs. But still I'm feeling a
>> weird pressure to keep the monetary cost at zero. Anybody else?
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>> > Many of you have mentioned in passing that you're teaching my new
>> book in your fall classes (*thank you*!!!).  If you are, I was
>> wondering if you'd be willing to send me a copy of your syllabus?
>> One other question: If you are teaching my book, are you encouraging
>> students to buy it or are you sending them to the free version?
>> (I'm fine either way but, as you can imagine, folks are asking me
>> how giving away my book is impacting classroom adoption and I have
>> _zero_ clue.)
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