[CITASA] Seeking research director, spring instructor, pre/post docs

Philip N. Howard pnhoward at uw.edu
Mon Aug 18 04:48:29 EDT 2014

Hi CITASA:  The Center for Media and Communication Studies in lovely Budapest is looking for a director of research (phd + grant admin experience) and can bring someone to CMCS to teach broadly on "journalism and international affairs" next spring.

We also have funds to bring out advanced grad students or recent phds working on:
-civil society and the internet of things. 
-bots, cyber-attacks and political discourse. 
-humanitarian use of drones.  
-formal network analysis of media ownership in Hungary. 

I'm not at ASA but @ginasue and @achoifitz are if you have questions.  I'll be at APSA in a few weeks happy to meet with people.  Links below.

Dr. Philip N. Howard
Professor, University of Washington
Professor, Central European University

a) Director of Research

b) Visiting Faculty "Journalism, Data and International Affairs"

c)  Predoc/postdocs  

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