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We are happy to announce the publication of *a **NEW ISSUE* from the
Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR):

*Volume 7, Number 1: *
 *Lantern (Part 1 of 2)*
The editorial team:

   - *Yesha Sivan*, Metaverse-Labs Ltd & Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College,
   - *Abhishek Kathuria*, The University of Hong Kong
   - *David Gefen*, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
   - *Maged Kamel Boulos*, University of Plymouth, Devon, UK

 The first thematic issue of JVWR 7th year (2014) focuses on a literature
review of 3D3C worlds according to specific topics such as Law, Taxation,
Medical, Education, Money and more. The Lantern issue is published in two
parts: Part 1 on Q1/2014 & Part 2 on Q3/2014.

Issue Editors' Corner

   - Taking a Broader View by Looking
   Yesha Y Sivan

 Peer Reviewed Research Papers

   - Review of Educational Research Methods in Desktop Virtual World
   Environments: Framing the Past to Provide Future
   Dennis Beck, Ross Perkins

   - The Aspatial Economics of Virtual
   Edward Heath Robinson

   - Privacy in Virtual Worlds: A US
   Jeannie Pridmore, John Overocker

   - Overview: Virtual Reality in
   Claudio Pensieri, Maddalena Pennacchini

   - Taxation of Virtual World Economies: A Review of the Current
   Jamie S. Switzer, Ralph V. Switzer

   - Linguistic and Multilingual Issues in Virtual Worlds and Serious
   Games: A General
   Samuel Cruz-Lara, Alexandre Denis, Nadia Bellalem

We are looking forward to Part 2 of the
with more unique reviews of the Virtual Worlds' field.
Enjoy your read!


More from the JVWR

   - Were you in our Milan event "*Via the Looking
   in December 2013? Participants are invited to contact us by email
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   - *A call for
   we welcome competent academicians & researchers to join us as members of
   the JVWR review team. Being a reviewer is a matter of prestige and
   achievement. The JVWR believes in the value and importance of the reviewers
   throughout the publication process. It is not only about bringing the
   individual paper to its best, but also about shaping the credibility and
   reputation of the journal as a leader in the evolving field of Virtual
   Worlds. If you are interested - join us a *peer-reviewer* of the JVWR.
   Please contact us by email to
info at jvwresearch.org<info at jvwresearch.org?subject=RE%3A%20Call%20for%20reviewers>,
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   are able to review.
   We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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 Happy, healthy and productive 2014 in the virtual and the real.,


 *Prof. Yesha Y. Sivan*
Managing Editor

TheJVWR - The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
   [image: Lantern Part 1 issue

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