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While we are on the topic of methodology, can anyone recommend suitable introductory reading on the topic of using social network sites in a research setting? I wanted to add this topic to my undergraduate methods course for sociology students as it is not covered in our text. 


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For quality control, I recommend using an attentiveness question (or two) regardless of mode of data collection. Here is an example. 

The purpose of this question is to assess your attentiveness to question wording. For this question please mark the “Very often” response. 

Very Often 

In paper surveys I have administered in the past few years on young adults (in postal mail) this has resulted in 3-4% cases excluded from the analyses. (I pitch cases where the answer is wrong or the respondent skipped the question.) 


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Quoting "Davis, Jennifer Lauren - davis5jl" < davis5jl at jmu.edu >: 


Hi all, 

A colleague and I wondered what, if anything, the literature says 
about accuracy of online vs. paper and pencil surveys. There's a lot 
available about response rates, but does medium affect how honest 
people are in their responses? 

Will happily share with the list. 


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