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Alladi Venkatesh avenkate at uci.edu
Fri Jun 20 05:08:34 EDT 2014

Dear Friends

We are planning to do a general survey of social media users as part of a grant received recently.

We are looking for a questionnaire that colleagues who might be willing to share with us.
My email address is avenkate at uci.edu.

The topics that we are researching are (but not limited to) the following (sorry for some repetition)

Social connectedness
Managing  Connections
Deeper connections
Superficial connections

Social ties
Personal ties
Professional ties
Close ties
Weak ties
Latent ties

New friends/acquaintances

Social networks
New friendships
Changing meaning of friendship
Formation of friendships
Strengthening ties between  friends
Constant evaluation of self
Information sharing
Time/Space issues

Social capital and social media

Internet of things

Any help is appreciated.  (PS We have access to PEW data, so we don’t need that reference).



Alladi Venkatesh
The Paul Merage School of Business
University of California
Irvine CA 92697
avenkate at uci.edu<mailto:avenkate at uci.edu>

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