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Dear AoIRists,

On behalf of our Editorial Team, authors, reviewers, and supporting
institutions, we are pleased and proud to introduce the Journal of Media

The Journal serves the professional and research communities engaged in
the cross-disciplinary field of media innovations. The Journal is open
access, peer reviewed, and published two times annually via the University
of Oslo?s FRITT initiative (Frie tidsskrifter fra UiO ? Free Journals from
the University of Oslo). The Journal is sponsored by the Centre for
Research in Media Innovations (CeRMI) and the Department of Media and
Communication, University of Oslo.

The inaugural issue demarcates the foundations and literatures of media
innovations as a field, foregrounding many of its important components and
thematic foci, and thereby points to a range of important challenges to
innovation on both theoretical and practical levels.

The Journal is available at

Charles M. Ess: Introduction to Inaugural Issue.
Axel Bruns: Media Innovations, User Innovations, Societal Innovations.
Val?rie-Anne Bleyen, Sven Lindmark, Heritiana Ranaivoson, and Pieter
Ballon: A typology of media innovations: Insights from an exploratory
Leyla Dogruel: What is so special about Media Innovations? A
characterization of the field.
Iris Jennes, Jo Pierson, and Wendy Van den Broeck: User Empowerment and
Audience Commodification in a Commercial Television Context.
Lars Nyre: Medium design method.

Jan Bierhoff and Sander Kruitwagen: Stories behind the News; Designing an
Advanced App for Journalistic Background Information.

Arne H. Krumsvik: Book Review Editorial Statement: Mapping the Emerging
Field of Media Innovation Research.
George Sylvie: Storsul & Krumsvik - Media innovations: A multidisciplinary
study of change.
Avery E. Holton: Weller et al., Twitter and Society.
Jens Barland: Ibrus & Scolari - Crossmedia Innovations. Texts, Markets,

Additional information on upcoming issues, including submission
requirements and deadlines, is also found on the Journal website.

With a thousand thanks, and a thousand thanks more to all who have made
this Journal and Inaugural Issue possible,

Charles Ess
Editor, The Journal of Media Innovations
Professor in Media Studies
Department of Media and Communication

Director, Centre for Research on Media Innovations

University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1093 Blindern
Oslo Norway
email: charles.ess at media.uio.no

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