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A Symposium on the Sciences of Subjectivity in Healthcare, Policy and

St Hugh’s College, Oxford

13-14 October 2014

‘Experience’ has long been referenced as a valuable, if ‘subjective’,
resource in a variety of fields. Especially in healthcare, highly personal,
embodied understandings of illness have been studied as an alternative to
‘objective’ biomedical knowledge and are often used to critique biomedical
reductionism. In the wake of this critique, as well as burgeoning patient
activism and health consumerism, over the last fifty years an industry has
emerged that aims to capture, process and distribute the patient
‘experience’. This raises a number of questions about the nature of the
knowledge generated by these ‘technologies of experience’:

– What does it take to turn experience into evidence? What new methods and
expertise are emerging in this field?
– What promises, pitfalls and politics come with these approaches?
– And what are the implications for research, policy and practice?

The symposium brings together a multidisciplinary group of leading scholars
and practitioners to discuss these and related questions, critically
engaging with how the concept of ‘experience’ is articulated, studied, and
developed within medical sociology, science and technology studies (STS),
health services research, healthcare policy and practice.

Speakers include: Samantha Adams, Madeleine Akrich, Susannah Fox, Havi
Carel, Trisha Greenhalgh, Tiago Moreira, Jeannette Pols, Vololona
Rabeharisoa, Glenn Robert, Tanja Schneider, Natasha Schüll, Paul Wicks,
Alex Wilkie

For more information and registration, see:

Organizing committee: Angela Martin, Fadhila Mazanderani, Louise Locock,
John Powell, Steve Woolgar, Sue Ziebland, Malte Ziewitz

Hosted by the University of Oxford’s Health Experiences Research Group
(HERG) and made possible with the support of NIHR and the Foundation for
the Sociology of Health and Illness.

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