[CITASA] *students* CITASA newsletter wants to feature your research

Jenny Ungbha Korn JenKorn at uic.edu
Thu May 15 11:14:28 EDT 2014

The CITASA newsletter will include a section that highlights students'
dissertation research. Taking advantage of this opportunity is an excellent
way to increase the visibility of your work. Once published within the
CITASA newsletter, authors may consider including their featured work on
their CVs. If you are interested in having your dissertation research
featured as a special profile in the CITASA newsletter, please email the
following information to Jenny Korn at JenKorn at uic.edu *and* Elizabeth
Schwarz at eschw001 at ucr.edu by no later than 5 pm central on Monday, June
9, 2014:

1. Author name, year of graduation, title, institution, email, Twitter
2. Author photo (if you want your photo published)
3. Graphic (if there is a specific .jpg you want to illustrate your
research; please make sure the image abides by all copyright laws)
4. Active link to your dissertation research (this link could be to your
own website, for example).
5. Dissertation title
6. Summary with key points (theories, methods, findings, conclusions,
future research) [no longer than 250 words]
7. [optional and will be published in the newsletter] Advice to other
doctoral candidates working on their dissertations
8. [optional and will *NOT* be published in the newsletter] Other
dissertation authors you recommend as future featured candidates for the
CITASA newsletter (please send their name and email)

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