[CITASA] [Making Augmented Reality Real] The videos from our symposium in August are online now

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Fri Oct 10 00:00:45 EDT 2014

[Sent on behalf of Dr. Christian Sandor]
Dear colleagues,

In August 2014, we invited 10 leading Augmented Reality researchers to
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan) for a public
Video recordings of their talks and panel discussions are online now:
=> Section "Schedule"

- Hao Li (Assistant Professor, University of Southern California)
- Richard Newcombe (Postdoc, University of Washington)
- Takeo Igarashi (Professor, University of Tokyo)
- Martin Fuchs (Assistant Professor, Stuttgart University)
- Masayuki Kanbara (Associate Professor, NAIST)
- Tomokazu Sato (Associate Professor, NAIST)
- Goshiro Yamamoto (Assistant Professor, NAIST)
- Alvaro Cassinelli (Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo)
- Mai Otsuki (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba)

Best regards,
	Christian Sandor

Associate Professor Dr. Christian Sandor
Co-Director: Interactive Media Design Lab
Nara Institute of Science and Technology
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