[CITASA] Ethics of researching with big data in online environements

Tamara Peyton tamara at psu.edu
Fri Oct 17 18:33:02 EDT 2014

We invite you to consider submitting a position paper or appropriate case
study paper to an upcoming workshop on the ethics of big data research in
online environments. The workshop will take place in March as part of the
annual conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work, set for 2015 in
beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

​From the workshop Call for Papers:

"The evolution of social technology and research methods present ongoing
> challenges to studying people online. Recent high-profile cases have
> prompted discussion among both the research community and the general
> public about the ethical implications of researching humans, their
> information, and their activities in large-scale digital contexts. Examples
> of scientific and market research involving Facebook users and OKCupid
> clients exemplify the ethical complexities of both studying and
> manipulating online user behavior. When does data science become human
> subjects research, and what are our obligations to these subjects as
> researchers? Drawing from previous work around the ethics of digital
> research, one goal of this workshop is to work towards a set of guiding
> principles for CSCW scholars doing research online."

​This workshop grew out of relationships and collaborations forged and
strengthened via this year's Sociotechnical Summer Institute, through
the Consortium
for the Science of Sociotechnical Systems (CSST)​

For submission details and more information about the call and the plan for
the one day workshop, please visit:

​You can also email the organizers at: cscwethics2015 at gmail.com

Feel free to forward this email to any interested groups, organizations, or
individuals. We hope to see you in March at CSCW2014
<http://cscw.acm.org/2015/index.php> !

Tamara Peyton, PhD Candidate
Health Information Technologies (HINT) Lab
College of Information Sciences & Technology
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA  16802
 tamara at psu.edu  / skype: tspeyton   / @pstamara
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