[CITASA] CITASA-ish Journal question

Andrea H. Tapia atapia at ist.psu.edu
Tue Sep 30 11:52:09 EDT 2014

Hi CITASA buddies. I hope you are well, happy and feeling productive.

I am writing to you asking for your help settling a debate I am having
with some of my colleagues.

The central question is‹what are the top 10 journals (top being some value
of quality? Or impact?) for someone whose home community is CITASA?

On the one side of the debate is a group who claims that the top journals
in Sociology as a whole as the top journals for all the subsections.
Period. (AJS and ASR). All others are ³B or C² journals.

On the other side are those that argue that the meat of the Sociology of
Technology and Communication research does not appear in the top Soc
journals, but appears elsewhere, maybe even outside traditional Sociology
journals, maybe in newer interdisciplinary journals.

So‹anyone want to chime in?
Lists of journals?

Andrea H. Tapia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
College of Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State University
University Park,  State College, PA

Website‹http://andreatapia.net <http://andreatapia.net/>
Email‹atapia at ist.psu.edu

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