[CITASA] #SMSociety15: Social Media & Society Conference - Call for WIP papers [Due: April 10] & Posters [Due: May 1]

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#SMSociety15 - Social Media & Society Conference
Toronto, Canada | July 27-29, 2015


(1) WIP Paper Abstracts [Due: April 10, 2015 in 7 DAYS!]

WIP paper abstracts provide authors the opportunity to present their 
preliminary and ongoing work related to the broad theme of social media 
and society.

Submission Length: approximately 500 words, excluding references
Paper abstracts are peer-reviewed. Full papers are not required for this 
type of submission.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit their full 
papers to the special theme issue in the Big Data & Society Journal 
published by SAGE (open access).

(2) Research Poster Abstracts [DUE: May 1, 2015]

The research poster session provides an interactive forum for authors to 
discuss their research. Submission Length: approximately 500 words, 
excluding references.

See more details at https://socialmediaandsociety.com/submit/

Social Media & Small Data
• Case Studies of Online Communities Formed on Social Media
• Case Studies of Offline Communities that Rely on Social Media
• Sampling Issues
• Value of Small Data

Social Media & Big Data
• Visualization of Social Media Data
• Social Media Data Mining
• Scalability Issues & Social Media Data
• Social Media Analytics
• Ethics of Big Data

Social Media Impact on Society
• Private Self/Public Self
• The Sharing/Attention Economy
• Virality & Memes
• Political Mobilization & Engagement
• Social Media & Health
• Social Media & Business (Marketing, PR, HR, Risk Management,etc.)
• Social Media & Academia (Alternative Metrics, Learning Analytics,etc.)
• Social Media & Public Administration
• Social Media & the News

Theories & Methods
• Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches
• Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis
• Social Network Analysis
• Theoretical Models for Studying, Analysing and Understanding Social Media

Online/Offline Communities
• Trust & Credibility in Social Media
• Online Community Detection
• Influential User Detection
• Online Identity

Social Media & Mobile
• App-ification of the Society
• Privacy & Security Issues in the Mobile World
• Apps for the Social Good
• Networking Apps

The Social Media & Society Conference is an annual gathering of leading 
social media researchers from around the world. Now, in its 6th year, 
the 2015 Conference will be held in Toronto, Canada from July 27 to 29, 
2015. From its inception, the conference has focused on the best 
practices for studying the impact and implications of social media on 
society. Organized by the Social Media Lab at Ryerson University, the 
conference provides attendees an opportunity to exchange ideas, present 
their original research, learn about recently completed and 
work-in-progress studies, and strengthen connections with their peers. 
The 2014 conference hosted over 200 attendees, featured research from 
238 authors across several fields from 21 different countries.

For more information about the Conference, Programme Committee and the 
CfP: https://socialmediaandsociety.com

And follow us on Twitter @socmediasoc

The Conference Organizing Committee
  Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University @gruzd
  Barry Wellman, University of Toronto @barrywellman
  Philip H. Mai, Ryerson University @phmai
  Jenna Jacobson, University of Toronto @jacobsonjenna

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