[CITASA] 3 positions at Nanying Tech U Singapore---avoid

Philip N. Howard pnhoward at uw.edu
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Alas I don't believe these jobs will be good for many people on this list.

Unfortunately NTU, and Singapore, has a bad reputation for academic freedoms.  Very recently the president of the country overturned a tenure decision involving one of our colleagues, Dr. Cherian George (phd Stanford), and neither his department nor his university were able to stand by him.  I was one of his external reviewers and got drawn into the campaign to have the university and government respect the usual system of peer assessment.


If you study communication, technology, journalism, media, or have domains of inquiry that are culturally, politically, or economically sensitive, this is probably not a good place for you.  Singapore as a country may open up in time, but you probably don't want to be the next test case for academic freedom!  It is a bit early, and a bit risky, to invest your academic career in Singapore.  

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As Rich sez, a great dept.
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Dear all,

There are three positions open at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. There is a Full and an Asst. Prof. position in the area of ICT and an Asst. position in Integrated Marketing Communication.


The University is very dynamic. It is rising in the rankings and it is a great place to work.

Rich L.

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