[CITASA] 2015 CITASA Awards Announcement

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Hello Everyone,

It is a pleasure to announce the 2015 CITASA Award winners:

*William F. Ogburn Career Achievement Award*

Winner: Grant Blank, Oxford Internet Institute

Selection Committee: Jennifer Earl, William Dutton, and Jenny L Davis

*Book Award*

Winner: Crawford, Susan. 2013. *Captive Audience:  The Telecom Industry and
Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age.* New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Selection Committee: Laura Robinson, Lee Rainie, and Andrea Tapia

*Paper Award*

Winner: Hampton, Goulet, & Albanesius. In Press. “Change in the Social Life
of Urban Public Spaces: The Rise of Mobile Phones and Women, and the
Decline of Aloneness Over Thirty Years.” *Urban Studies*.

Honorable Mentions:

Chen, Wenhong. 2013. “The Implications of Social Capital for the Digital
Divides in America.” *The Information Society* 29(1): 13-25.

Davis, Jenny L. 2014. “Triangulating the Self: Identity Processes in a
Connected Era.” *Symbolic Interaction* 37(4): 500-523.

Lewis, Kevin. 2013. “The Limits of Racial Prejudice.” *PNAS*

Selection Committee: Barry Wellman, Celeste Campos-Castillo, and Katrina

*Student Paper Award*

Winner: Christine Larson (Department of Communication, Stanford University)
for “Live publishing: the onstage redeployment of journalistic authority”
which will soon appear in Media, Culture, & Society.

Honorable Mention: Didem Turkoglu (Department of Sociology, UNC Chapel
Hill) for “Discussing Politics on Facebook: Club Model and Rowdy
Deliberative Talk” (unpublished manuscript).

Selection Committee: Christopher Bail, Angèle Christin, and Anabel Quan

*Public Sociology Award*

Jessie Daniels, CUNY

Selection Committee: Shelia Cotten, Shelley Boulianne, and Erin Evans:
emevans at uci.edu

Congratulations to all the winners!

Our appreciation goes to all of the committee members who served on these

Best wishes,


Laura Robinson


laura at laurarobinson.org

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