[CITASA] Text mining Fcaebook data

Dhiraj Murthy d.murthy at gold.ac.uk
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Paul: Thanks for the mention

Alladi: feel free to get in touch via email and we can talk about some of the methods I have used in my Big Data work as well as in my mixed methods projects. I would be happy to hear about your project and give you my advice.

Also, I will be giving a tutorial at Social Media & Society in the summer on basic approaches to social media data collection and analysis and will briefly be covering Facebook data (https://socialmediaandsociety.com/workshops/2015-workshop-2-working-with-nodexl/).


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I believe Dhiraj Murthy at Goldsmith University might be able to help. He does Big Data on Twitter and social media.

Paul Lopes
Associate Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Colgate University

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Can anybody shed light and provide any source(s) on Text mining Facebook data? Emphasis: Facebook

Thank you.

Alladi Venkatesh


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