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I really think the editorial board should consider a special issue on
Philosophies of Toast. I am happy to lead with an update to my talk on
Heidegger and Toasters (http://www.alisonpowell.ca/?p=687) but I imagine
others might want to write on "Toaster-oriented Ontologies". Obviously
that doesn't even touch the serious new directions posed by The Coming
Internet of Toasters.

Barry I don't usually go to Starbucks but I'm going to try to replicate
your findings at Yonge-Dundas since I'm in Toronto today.


On 17/09/2015 09:58, Barry Wellman wrote:
> Welcome to the Journal of Toaster Studies, an academic publication about
> new technologies published by the MIT Press since January 2013.
> The first issue of The Journal of Toaster Studies debuted in early
2013 with articles by Daniel Miller (^SDoes the Toast make the Toaster?
An Organo-materialistic Revisiting^E in Trinidad^T), Larry Gross (^SGay
Toasters: The Missing Slice of History^T), and Gary Fine (^SToasty
Publics: Where does the Heat Come From? A Micro-Sociological
Perspective^T). Please see our issues page for a complete list.
> If you would like to volunteer for our editorial board or suggest a
> special issue please fill out the contact form at the top of this page.
> www.journalofts.org
> Total blatant self-promotion, but I'm on the ed. board. I can be bought
> for a pop tart - Non-GMO, gluten-free, of course
> WHich reminds me: I walked into Starbucks yesterday and asked for a
Gluten-Free Latte, and the cashier after looking around said, "We don't
have any: Would you like one with soya milk instead?"
> Totally true story: Torontonians can replicate with Starbucks at
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