[CITASA] Japan International Communication Association Preconference "Automation, Algorithms and Politics"

Philip N. Howard pnhoward at uw.edu
Mon Feb 8 11:50:11 EST 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues, my collaborator Sam Woolley and I are organizing a preconference at the upcoming ICA meetings in Fukuoka Japan. The info is here:


We have now found some additional financial support for the authors accepted to the workshop:  500 British Pounds towards travel costs, hotel rooms for two nights (June 7 & 8) at the Agora Hotel and Spa<http://agorafukuoka-hilltop.com/english/>, and meals along the way.
Should be fun and productive--if you have a manuscript in development on these topics please consider submitting an abstract.  Looking to accept 12-15 submissions and aspire to produce a coherent edited collection out of the effort.  The submission deadline is in a few days February 12th and we should have responses to everyone fairly quickly after that.

Dr. Philip N. Howard
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Professor, Oxford University
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