[CITASA] “Please Read the Article”? Please Cite Women Academics.

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Meryl asked an excellent question to this group - do tech journalist (and other, I might add) bros overlook, to put it lightly, the academic work of women? While some women on this list have gotten quite a bit of press for their work, I do think that the "go to's" for quotes and attribution are mostly men....and there are a variety of structural, shall I say sociological, reasons for this, not the least of which is the online shaming that women get for bringing gender inequality up - i.e. when Meryl tweeted about this - the author responded that her point was "silly" and "ridiculous." This general topic/idea would make an excellent outlet for research, an ASA panel, blog series, etc. etc.

Thanks, Meryl!

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I use and cite Stephanie Schulte's book "Cached" and recommend it to all have not yet read it.

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Hi all,

Over the weekend, journalist Fred Kaplan published an article in the New York Times, entitled "'WarGames' and Cybersecurity's Debt to a Hollywood Hack" (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/movies/wargames-and-cybersecuritys-debt-to-a-hollywood-hack.html?_r=0).

The core argument -- that WarGames culturally influenced the Reagan administration's cyberpolicy -- sounded a great deal like communication scholar Stephanie Ricker Schulte's work.  When I brought this reference to Kaplan's attention on Twitter, he was super dismissive and minced my words.

So, naturally, I wrote a blog post about the incident, situating it within a broader trend of tech journalists (mostly men) minimizing the work of academics (mostly women), and capitalizing on this sin of omission in promoting their own books and other works:


I'm really interested to know the thoughts of this community, both as one that knows
? digital media and society inside and out, but one also committed to egalitarian principles.


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