[CITASA] 2nd CfP RC33 Session: Advances in survey-based methodology of online communities research

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*CfP RC33 Session: **Advances in survey-based methodology of online
communities research*

Call for Papers
9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33)
(11-16 September 2016, Leicester, UK)
Session on
Advances in survey-based methodology of online communities research

organized by Gregor Petrič, Andraž Petrovčič, Sara Atanasova and Katja
Lozar Manfreda

Session information URL: http://goo.gl/l37mfV

Abstract submission URL: https://goo.gl/FHGEdZ

Deadline for abstract submissions: *21 January 2016*


Aims and scope of the session


Online communities have attracted much scientific and media attention in
recent years as they have progressively entered various domains of society
– from education, marketing, health, religion, politics to social movements
and everyday life. Supported by various web platforms and applications,
online communities are social aggregations where people interact with
others and share common interests, goals and purposes of everyday
conversations, exchange of information, social support or other resources,
learn, play or just to be with each other. They can range from small-knit
groups to global networks with millions of participants.

Therefore, online communities as objects of research pose a number of
analytical and methodological challenges. While recent focus seems to be
predominantly on the methods, which are specific for these phenomena –
e.g., big data approaches and virtual ethnography – an important portion of
research is still survey-based. However, little attention has been given to
the methodological challenges in conducting survey research of online
communities and possibilities to integrate this method with other data
collection techniques. Thus, the proposed session aims to address these
issues by providing a forum to present and discuss challenges, approaches,
and activities in survey-based research of online communities.

The session invites proposals that explore various methodological issues in
survey-based research of online communities. On the one hand, it is open to
discussions of measurement issues, development of new measurement
instruments, design and implementation of survey recruitment techniques,
questions of data quality related to unit and item non-response and
non-coverage errors, sampling of online community participants, and use of
incentives, strategies and methods for surveying participants in special
online domains such as online support groups, online health-related
communities or Facebook groups. On the other hand, studies need not to be
limited only to survey methodology, but can also address mixed methods
research, where survey is one of the methods in mixed methods design. Such
studies are welcome to address advantages and issues of using mixed
methods, challenges when choosing and using a (particular) mixed methods
design, issues in combining various paradigmatic approaches, combining
quantitative and qualitative  methods, data collection techniques, data
analysis and interpretation and also discussions on quality and ethical


Abstract submission procedure


1.  Please visit the abstract submission website:

2. Complete the form in full.
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3. Select the following names of the session organisers:
“Gregor Petric et al”
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Further information and session organizer contact e-mail


Conference information and timeline:

Contact information of session organizers:
Gregor Petrič, gregor.petric at fdv.uni-lj.si
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