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International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) 
ISSN - 2180-1320

International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) is an open access
journal that provides a forum for software engineering research and
publishes empirical results relevant to both researchers and practitioners.
IJSE encourage researchers, practitioners, and developers to submit research
papers reporting original research results, technology trend surveys
reviewing an area of research in software engineering and knowledge
engineering, survey articles surveying a broad area in software engineering
and knowledge engineering, tool reviews and book reviews.
IJSE covers general topics that usually involve the study on collection and
analysis of data and experience that can be used to characterize, evaluate
and reveal relationships between software development deliverables,
practices, and technologies. Besides these, the journal mainly includes
computer-based engineering techniques, data modeling techniques, iterative
model, modeling languages, software components, software engineering methods
and practices and systems engineering. IJSE is a peer review journal that
promotes the publication of industry-relevant research, to address the
significant gap between research and practice.
Dr. Richard Millham - University of Bahamas (Bahamas) 
Dr. Vitus S.W. Lam - The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 
Dr. Xiaohong (Sophie) Wang - Salisbury University (United States of America)

Dr. Muhammad Usman Tariq - COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Ambiguity in Software Development
Application of Object-Oriented Technology to Engin
Architecting an OO System for Size Clarity Reuse E
Composition and Extension
Computer-Based Engineering Techniques
Data Modeling Techniques
History of Software Engineering
Impact of CASE on Software Development Life Cycle
Intellectual Property 
Iterative Model
Knowledge Engineering Methods and Practices
Modeling Languages
Object-Oriented Systems
Project Management 
Quality Management 
Rational Unified Processing
Software Components
Software Deployment
Software Design and applications in Various Domain
Software Engineering Demographics
Software Engineering Economics 
Software Engineering Methods and Practices
Software Engineering Professionalism
Software Ergonomics
Software Maintenance and Evaluation
Structured Analysis 
Structuring (Large) OO Systems
Systems Engineering
Test Driven Development 

Paper Submission - January 31, 2016
Author Notification - February 28, 2016
Issue Publication - March 2016

In order to submit the paper, you need to register as author and then submit
the paper through Author Dashboard. It is also important to ensure that the
manuscript must be formatted as per IJSE Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.
For further information, please refer to the following information.
IJSE Website - http://www.cscjournals.org/journals/IJSE/description.php
Submission Guidelines -
Register as Author - http://www.cscjournals.org/login.php
CSC-OpenAccess Library - http://www.cscjournals.org/library/oa-library.php

Call for EDITORS 
International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) seeks applications from
enthusiastic researchers and scholars who can oversee and maintain the
editorial direction of the journal to ensure a steady flow of engaging and
thought-provoking original research publications.
IJSE is a peer-reviewed International journal dedicated to publishing an
open access original research, reports, and reviews. For future improvement
and development, IJSE particularly seeks editors who can continue the
enduring and ongoing editorial successes to next level and introduce the
journal profile to different libraries and research centers around the
globe. IJSE welcome applications from editors with strong academic
background and Internationally recognized reputation. Applicants with
significant publishing or reviewing experience will be preferred. To qualify
for the post of editorial board member (EBM), Associate Editor-in-Chief
(AEiC) or Editor-in-Chief (EiC) applicants must have PhD degree having wide
experience in academic/Industry/ research and international conferences.
For more information on editorial role & responsibilities, benefits &
privileges and application criteria to apply for editorial collaborations
with IJSE-CSC Journals, please refer to the following URLs.
Editors Guidelines -
Call For Editors -
Please do not hesitate to contact us at cscpress at cscjournals.org if you
require more information prior to submission. Our team is committed to
provide quick response and support from submission to final publication.
Editorial Board Members
International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)
Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals)
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50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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