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Dear CAT Members,	For anyone who is interested in contemporary
developments on Media, Culture and Society in Argentina and Latin America.
****	We invite the submission of original papers for the second annual
conference on “Contemporary Developments on Media, Culture and
Society in Argentina and Latin America,” organized by the Center for
the Study of Media and Society in Argentina. This event will take place on
October 28, 2016, at Universidad de San Andrés in Buenos Aires,
Argentina.	 	The first edition of the Conference, which took place in
November 2015, featured presentations and posters from 20 academics from
Latin America and the united States, and an audience of more than 70,
including researchers, journalists and students. For more information
please visit http://meso.com.ar/congreso-anual/congreso-anual-2015/	 	We
invite empirical, theoretical, and/or methodological contributions that
help to expand knowledge about the interplay between media, culture, and
society at the national and regional levels. Papers may refer to different
types of mediated communication such as journalism; entertainment;
advertising and marketing; public relations; social networks; and video
games, among others.	Possible topics include the following:
Transformations in modes of content production.			Changes in uses of
media.			Innovation and technological change.			Economics and financing of
media.			The state, government and civil society.			Regulation and public
policy.			Political communication and electoral campaigns.			The role of
users as content producers.		 	Procedural matters:	 			The deadline for
submission of abstracts is May 1st, 2016. Please submit the abstracts by
email to: mediosysociedad at udesa.edu.ar.			The e-mail subject must be
“Last Name, First Name –Media and Society 2016”.
Abstracts must be sent as an attached file in Word format (.doc, .docx)
and the file should be named “Last Name, First Name –Media and
Society 2016”.			Abstracts should not exceed 300 words (excluding
the title and references).			In the same document of the abstract the
author/s should include their contact information and a short bio of no
more than 75 words.			A selection committee will review the abstracts and
the authors will be notified of the outcome of this process by June 1st,
2016.			Finalists will be asked to submit their full papers by July 15th,
2015. Paper should not exceed 7,500 words, including references.
Abstracts and papers must be submitted in Spanish. This will also be the
official language of the conference.			Papers that are part of the
conference will be subject to publication in a volume co-edited by  Pablo
J. Boczkowski and Eugenia Mitchelstein.	 	For more information, please
contact mediosysociedad at udesa.edu.ar.		 	-- Pablo J. Boczkowski	AT&T
Research Professor	Director, M.S. in Leadership for Creative Enterprises
Co-Director, Centro de Estudios sobre Medios y Sociedad en Argentina
School of Communication -- Northwestern University	****	Kind regards
Marjolijn Antheunis	ICA CAT Secretary


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