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Hi Everyone,

We're delighted to update our current call to include the Caribbean. For
additional information please see
http://www.emeraldmediastudies.com/Calls---Volumes.html or the call below:

VOLUME 12: ICTs and the Politics of Inclusion in Latin America  and the

Guest Editors, Latin America: Hernan Galperin, Alejandro Artopoulos, and
Jason Beech

Guest Editor, Caribbean: Hopeton S. Dunn

This volume assembles relevant research focusing on ICTs in Latin America
and the Caribbean. Regarding Latin America, the mobile broadband revolution
is taking place in Latin America. Despite various constraints faced by
Latin American countries, the spread of mobile telephony and broadband
Internet has reached very high levels even among low-income populations.
However about half of the continent’s population remains unconnected, and
the benefits of connectivity have been slow to materialize. Submissions may
examine any aspect of the theme of digital divide in Latin America and the
politics of digital inclusion. We welcome submissions on different
dimensions of the theme such as mobile youth identities, technology
affordability, school transformation by digital media, the diffusion of
e-commerce platforms and digital technology in SMEs. We are interested in
submissions that address theoretical and/or methodological issues on the

The Caribbean region reflects perhaps the greatest cultural, geographical
and linguistic diversity in the Western hemisphere. It consists of large
and small states with English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Indian cultural
backgrounds, and in some instances offer a combination of several languages
and varied traditions. Because of historical links with Africa, Europe and
other metropoles and the region's proximity to the United States and Latin
America, the Caribbean has developed a cosmopolitan reputation, enhanced in
some parts by an active tourism sector and openness to diverse external
influences. One such is the impact of information and communication
technologies (ICTs) on practices of governance, business operation,
education and civic life among other areas. Although surveys conducted in
Jamaica and other parts of the region reflect an almost ubiquitous access
to the mobile phone, there remains a prevailing high percentage of
exclusion from high speed broadband technologies and from Internet-based
content, particularly among sections of rural populations, the urban poor
and persons with disabilities. How can these issues of exclusion be
addressed in small island developing states such as those in the Eastern
Caribbean archipelago, or in countries experiencing conditions of severe
economic challenge such as in Haiti, or in more buoyant but still emerging
economies of countries like Barbados, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic?
Volume 12 in the proposed new editions by Emerald seeks to address ICTs and
the Politics of Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. This timely
publication will provide an opportunity to share on-going research and
analysis of the subject, not only on Latin America, but also on the
Caribbean, including such countries as Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago,
Suriname, St Lucia, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Potential
contributors would examine not only issues of access but also areas of
content, policy and size. The potential contributions would also explore
the differentiated effects of ICT technology use on various demographic
groups including youth, the elderly, men and women. The gender dimension
would also factor into strategies for ICT adoption and emerging forms of
broadband uses across different population groups. Consistent with the Call
By Emerald, chapters which also address research-related methodological and
theoretical issues would also be invited as part of the contributions from
the Caribbean region.

VOLUME 13: Brazil: Media from the Country of the Future

This volume assembles research on any aspect of Brazilian media and
communication in its various forms. The parameters are set as broadly as
possible as long as the research speaks to a facet of the topic as defined
in the call for submissions. Submissions may be empirical, theoretical, or
methodological--using any method or approach. The volume aims to encompass
research on emergent phenomena, as well as studies with a historical or
longitudinal dimension. Comparative studies are welcome as long as Brazil
is one of the central case studies.

Guest Editors: Sonia Virgínia Moreira, Monica Martinez, Heloisa Pait,
Joseph D. Straubhaar, Antonio C. La Pastina, Samantha Nogueira Joyce, and
Pedro Aguiar


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